September 8, 2010

Intro to scripting in AE, expressions pt 2

AEtuts posted the 2nd installment of its video series Introduction To Writing Scripts For AE by Frederik Steinmetz (intro video below):

"This is the second tutorial on the road to generating script files for After Effects. I read the comments from Part 1 stating that those are expressions, not actual Javascripts. I figured, to learn what Javascript does from scratch, you have to understand expressions first, because you can immediately see what the changes do. There will be one more tutorial on placing layers with expressions, then we’ll move on to actual scripts. In this tutorial you will learn how for-loops can help analyzing several frames in order to customize effects."

See also Intro to scripting in AE, pt 1 expressions, as well as AE CS5 Help on Scripts and Expressions, Dan Ebberts' Motionscript, and the Deeper Modes of Expressions series from Chris and Trish Meyer. There's even more in the piled-on AEP post Expressions and Scripting Resources for After Effects and posts tagged expressions and scripting.

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