September 1, 2010

Best Vimeo settings + FCP tutorials +iPad video

Lafcpug has lots of good info and an especially good newsletter. Here's a sampling of the current one:

"So what are the best settings to use for uploading my video to Vimeo? Probably this: [vimeo settings from A Final Cut User's Blog; in a nutshell, the QT dialog settings are mp4, h.264, 1280×720, 7-9000 kbits/s, AAC 256 kbps 48kHz].

[update: iPad video encoding settings are similar, but at 3000 Kbps with audio at 128 kbp 44.1 kHz]

Shane Ross is busy. Here are four Tutorials for Final Cut Pro:

1) FCP: Export Multiple Channels of Audio
FCP: Tapeless Offline / Online Workflow
FCP: Add Visible Timecode to Quicktime Exports
How to Make Smooth Slow Motion with Cinema Tools

FCP Shortcutter is a must bookmark site. All you need to know about the keyframing shortcut, Control + K.

Oliver Peters has some more
Solutions to Improve FCP’s Media Management."

Update: Philip Bloom has more, "Framing wise for 2:35 to 1 you can either mark tape on the LCD or do what I do and guesstimate! That is where the very usual matte effect built into FCP comes in handy. The Widescreen matte is very cool as it lets you set the matte to what you want then simply shift the image within that matte to make the framing work for you. Watch the video to learn more."

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