April 1, 2009

Creative Suite One Laptop Per Child +UltraDuck

from J.C. Burns:

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ABDE) today announced the Creative Suite CSOLPC® product family, a breakthrough release of the industry-leading design and development software optimized for the One Laptop Per Child XO machine, running a version of the Linux-based operating system with the distinctive Sugar GUI. The release will, for the first time, enable entire villages of small children to use After Effects and Photoshop on a computer they understand and use everyday—the OLPC XO—to make a creative contribution to the world by taking on the ever-growing number of film and video industry projects that require rotoscoping, motion tracking, color retouching, and wire removal.

... Once entire villages of children have activated the software over the convenient XO wireless mesh network, they will begin to receive 2K and 4K film frames to rotoscope and retouch using the After Effects application, which will break the large frames up into dozens of small tiles optimized for the child’s XO and attention requirements. The finished frame will be then reassembled and sent back to a central server in San Jose, where it will be securely returned to the film or video studio who requested the job. The process is seamless and transparent on both ends."

There's more of this April 1st "press release" at Positively Atlanta.

Update: Be sure to catch the new hotswappable drive technology UltraDuck, just pre-announced. The yellow one is a prototype that may be seen (but not touched) in Las Vegas.

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