April 2, 2009

Christiansen's 30 April tips starts: BG Renderer

Mark Christiansen is posting 30 tips on PVC in April!

He says, "No matter what is happening in the world around you, that sense of knowing your own value, of what it was important for you to do, helps you to keep doing more of it." That could be, but many people should do something different -- we might need it -- after all this world is no paradise.

Mark's 1st tip is Render Faster & Smarter in After Effects with BG Renderer: This free script will add tons of value to your multiprocessor system.


Flowseeker said...

Hi Rich,

Thanks for linking. I understand what you're saying - knowing what you can offer is not the same as to keep on keepin' on.


Rich said...

Yes, and thanks for commenting. I was trying to say that in reevaluating what we do, some of may find a richer path that encompasses what we've already learned.