April 21, 2009

H.264 primer for Adobe Media Encoder

Kush Amerasinghe of Adobe has a new article at Adobe Developer Connection, H.264 for the rest of us, which includes "a layman's guide to video compression and F4V, an explanation of F4V-specific settings in Adobe Media Encoder and Adobe Flash Media Encoding Server, and a case study of estimating an acceptable bit rate for videos."

See also Jan Ozer's recent Encoding options for H.264 video at the Adobe Developer Connection, the Adobe video and audio primers, and other AEP posts on H.264.

There are several hardware add-ons for H.264 compression, including Nvidia cards, the new Matrox CompressHD shown at NAB 2009, and the inexpensive Elgato Turbo .264 HD reviewed at Ken Stone's FCP website.

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