April 10, 2009

Adobe: 'The future of video is searchable'

Todd Kopriva noted a new demonstration (pictured above with less retinal burn) and a white paper (PDF) that shows how to create searchable video using CS4 Production Premium:

"This new paper and demonstration show how to use Soundbooth to create an XML file that contains the metadata, rather than using After Effects scripting to convert cue points [discussed by Dan Ebberts without a demo app in February at the Adobe Developer Connection]."

The Delve player demo seems more attractive and interactive, but this is just the beginning; Google (video) and Microsoft (video) haven't made a splash quite yet.

Background on this use of metadata can be found in previous AEP posts like Metadata, search, analytics & monetization and Speech-to-Text metadata in web video. (which mentioned XMP Library for ActionScript on Adobe Labs which showed "the karaoke app").

To see current search & discover approaches, you might have to dig through Reel SEO's handy list of video Search engines or a Wikipedia page to start. Interesting ideas on video search were discussed in More-Accurate Video Search, Video Search Challenge Isn’t Speech Recognition, It’s Content Owner Management, and in the NYT in Millions of Videos, and Now a Way to Search Inside Them (on Blinkx) and Zeroing In on Your Favorite Video Clips (on VideoSurf and DigitalSmiths use of computer vision algorithms).

By the way, Adobe uses something called Piximilar as the visual search engine in Photoshop Elements 6. Out on ahead is some more cool stuff; see Is Visual Search The Future Of Mobile Advertising? and this via the same site :

It almost seems like Skynet is real with these tiny smart cameras and Cylons and Terminators everywhere.

Update: It looks there's competitor -- see Merlin Video (via News Videographer).

Update 2: (06/15) Richard Harrington follows up with Searchable Video with Creative Suite 4: Combine the power of Flash and Soundbooth to create searchable video.

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