April 29, 2009

Visual metadata

PrepShootPost ponders face recognition and says GIVE US MORE A.I. IN OUR N.L.E.

His suggestions could already be on a feature request drawing board somewhere. As mentioned in a recent post, Adobe: 'The future of video is searchable', computer vision algorithms are being used in a variety of contexts to leverage facial recognition or face recognition and improve search results. VideoSurf and DigitalSmiths, iPhoto, Adobe's use of Idee's Pixsimilar as the visual search engine in Photoshop Elements 6, and smart phone advertising are all connected.

And since that AEP post, Google has gone beyond Picasa facial recognition and searching images by color to launch Similar Images. Beet.tv talked with Google about the future of image search last year, but here's what they have so far:

Adobe has shown some related stuff too, among stuff posted last December here in Adobe 'Infinite Images' sneak peek (explore that video at 62 minutes for an extra). Here's a different angle of the sneak peek at Adobe Max 2008; this one just shows "Content Intelligence Toolkit" and a bit on how it might be integrated with audio metadata:

Seeing this stuff integrated into Creative Suite apps would be exciting, especially for those who wondered why so much effort went into metadata in CS4. Assistant Editor from Philip Hodgetts and company does come to mind, so maybe we'll get project management features or something even more intelligent. Perhaps, but for now you can check out Assistant Editor and that beta app mentioned at PrepShootPost that helps with multicam clips, PluralEyes.

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