April 29, 2009

PVC: Force an After Effects render Not to fail

Mark Christiansen's daily tip is Force an After Effects Render not to Fail. Meant to cure the dreaded "Out of Memory" error caused by very large images, the solution (via Matt Silverman) is a combination of settings that starve AE of physical memory and forced it to page memory to disk.

Update: Mark's last daily tip is Force an After Effects Render to Fail (and Save!) on a Mac: Trigger a segmentation fault, win a prize: your project back.

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Anonymous said...

In the linked article, it mentions an AE option to purge every XX frames while making a movie. I set this option to 24, and this solved my "out of memory" error while rendering an h.264 movie. I don't think there is anything magical about the value I chose (24) ... it was just my first choice and it worked.