November 19, 2008

Pre-Pixel Bender Droste effect music video

The video done below could now be done easier with the free Droste Effect Pixel Bender filter that works in AE CS4. The "Droste Effect" features recursive images (like feedback) like the cover art of Ummagumma by Pink Floyd.

Adland has the story behind OneInThree's creation of a "Droste effect" video for the band "Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants" (shown below):

"Mathmap was designed to apply the effect to single images so OneInThree developed a proprietary method to be able to run batches of images through the program, unfortunately the batch limit was 40 frames before the application would crash... After 1080 computer hours, over 400 crashes and 2 terabytes of data, spread across 7 hard drives, the final compositing could be done. The 'Drosted' images were brought into After Effects, re-conformed and animated to zoom in time to the beat. The transitions were then hand animated and the stills added into the mix before OneInThree headed back to The Mill, for a DCP and sound lay."

Also, Frank Beltrán has posted the Making of Droste Videoclip "Clap your brains off," which was also done by hand.


Frank Beltrán said...

Hi guys, I'm that guy on the red T-shirt laying on the blackboard... I directed and processed the "Clap your brains off" video with the help of many friends some months ago.
I'm pretty excited there's a Droste plugin for video now!!! We had to make all of those sequences frame by frame (in a batch of course but...)
I was just wondering about render times, anyone knows something about that??? Like a 3456 x 2304 image, how long would it take to process on photoshop??? Does it take the same time as mathmap???

I really need to learn and AE quickly!!!

Enjoy the Droste world.


Rich said...

After Effects is easy when you get into it, but there can be memory problems with large images especially on lower end machines. I haven't tried Pixel Bender filters with large images...