November 18, 2008

New Cycore filters for After Effects

Cycore released two new effect packages for AE, CFX Path Tools and CFX Sphere Utilities, which both support float and are available for After Effects CS4, CS3 and 7.0 on Mac (Universal Binaries) and Windows. Demo movies and filters are now available.

CFX Path Tools contain two plug-ins utilizing After Effects mask paths. Wiggle Stroke wiggles and repeats a stroke based on a mask path in near infinite ways. Rakka is a tool for handling multiple repetitions of a layer that can be animated along a mask path and has multiple controls for designing flow and characteristics. It is truly amazing what can be created from just an ellipse or straight line mask path.

CFX Sphere Utilities is a set of four plug-ins designed to deal with spherical maps (equirectangular maps) commonly used to texture 3D spheres or as 3D environments. Animating layers and drawing lines on spherical maps are a breeze when Sphere Utilities handles the spherical transformations required. The coordinate system can be turned, twisted or aligned to an AE 3D camera, using Remap."

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