November 17, 2008

Digieffects releases Simulate: Camera filters

Digieffects announced a new After Effects filter set, Simulate: Camera, which includes 3 filters:

  • Archive simulates film/video degradation, contamination, and projection inconsistency to recreate "historical" looks.
  • Overexpose adds a sense of dynamics to otherwise stable and predictable footage. Using the effect in a practical way can result in a feeling of a sort of “focus-hunt” and “iris-hunt” that happens with consumer camcorders when they are constantly trying to adjust to changing composition. Combining DE_Overexpose with DE_Destabilize holds wholesale possibilities for taking a solid, steady shot and making it look hand-held and amateurish.
  • Destabilize is a camera shake effect that can be used for more conceptual effects involving separate color channel alpha compositing and color channel separation.
The Digieffects custom user interface includes the Randomizer to adjust multiple parameters quickly and Presets that can be saved for later use or moved between supported host applications.

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