November 4, 2008

AEScripts updates Throttle and BG Renderer

Lloyd Alvarez, a freelance After Effects artist in New York City, has posted CS4 updates to a few of his scripts at After Effects Scripts. These include:

Throttle works with the new multi-processing throttle system that manages how many CPU’s are to be left free for other applications. Throttle also adds UI for a little known text preference that allows you to set the quality of the Toggle Pixel Aspect (PAR) Correction button in the Comp Panel.

BG Renderer is a script that runs as an embedable panel that is saved as part of your workspace. It allows you to render your Render Queue items in the background while you can continue working. It supports multiprocessing (2gb per core is recommended to use this feature) and control of the memory and ram cache independently of the main app.

Update: One cool thing at I hadn't noticed is this:
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Update 2: I haven't tried these other recent interesting scripts, Expressions and external documents by Harry Franks (which includes a QT tutorial) and David Torno's Handheld Camera Script.

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