May 29, 2008

Adam Wilt's P2 Purge utility

DV maestro Adam Wilt of ProVideoCoalition's Camera Log shared his utility on the SF Cutters list:

Question: "Once the P2 files are imported into FCP, is there a way to quickly delete the original P2 files (.mvx, or whatever they are) without having to unlock each one individually?"

Answer: "I have an Applescript droplet called 'P2Purge' designed expressly for this: it'll unlock and erase the file hierarchy on a P2 card (leaving the folder structure and an empty LASTCLIP.TXT file), then eject it. It can also be set up to allow folder purging for on-disk copies of P2 cards.

Use at your own risk: no warranty of fitness or suitability; professional driver on closed course; files in mirror are bigger than they appear; P2Purge is not intended for the operation of nuclear reactors, air traffic control, avionics, medical equipment, or other life-critical systems; etc."

And if you're feeling especially technically competent, Adam still has his FXScript filters available; he mentions these every once in awhile in articles.

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