May 16, 2008

Demystifying Digital Cinema Cameras

FreshDV reposted parts of Panavision's lecture on Demystifying Digital Cinema Camera Specifications. Where else can you hear talk of The Nyquist Theorem and linking optical and digital sampling?

Update: Dylan Pank has some comments on the series over at HD for Indies:

"Basically it boils down to this: Pixel count does not equal resolution because of Modulation Transfer Function, which has an effect at every stage (light through lens, lens to chip, all the way to the projector lens and it hitting the screen in the theatre.) In addition, single sensor bayer cameras are essentially optically 4:2:0 cameras because they record 1/2 the red & blue data compared to the green channel.

I guess you COULD take their claims as a swipe at Red IF..."


Anonymous said...

Small mistake - Its panavision, not panasonic..

Rich said...