May 28, 2008

Trapcode on Horizon

Peder Norrby, the person behind Trapcode, announced the release of a new After Effects filter on the AE list:

"Trapcode Horizon is a 3D camera-aware background gradient and image mapping tool for AE7 and higher. It is the perfect companion to the other 3D plugs from Trapcode such as Particular and Form, etc. USD 99. More info, examples, trial download here:"

There's a somewhat redder look at Horizon on the Red Giant Software site.

Update: On the AE-list, Jonas Hummelstrand asks, 'I can't see how "Horizon" differs from "Environment" that is included with Cycore FX HD? (Environment example movie) From the Cycore manual:
"Environment is a filter that enables the use of Spherical Map (Latitude-Longitude), Light Probe (Angular Map) and Vertical Cross images as environments in compositions, similar to 3D programs, where an AE comp camera is present and active. HDR images are supported for all three formats. When a camera's transform parameters have been animated, you'll appear to be looking around in the envi- ronment. Includes controls for horizontal panning and texture filtering. This effect would typically be applied to a solid layer the same size as the composition.'

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