May 7, 2008

Adobe technology sneak peeks

Who knew that the Magic Wand Tool would become compositing's Holy Grail?

John Nack shared links for 2 sessions of Adobe's 2008 Fiancial Analysts Meeting where some new technology (maybe CS4) was shown. The After Effects part was in session 2 around the 27 minute mark, but look for the button to reveal the transcript cue list.

Earlier sneak peaks were noted here in NAB 2008 on Adobe TV and Flash CS4: IK, curve editor, 3D postcards, XML, plus Technology sneak: InDesign -> Flash.

Update: Older but here's a peak of Thermo, a forthcoming Adobe design tool, mentioned earlier with official sneak peek video.


Wyld Stallyons said...

Anyone know if Bones will be making it into AE and not just Flash...?

Rich said...

It would seem logical but it seems hard to gauge, since Vanishing Point didn't make it into AE right away.

And if someone knew they couldn't talk about it because of NDAs, maybe even if Adobe showed something. So we have to wait I guess.