May 22, 2008

3D Earths

Maltaannon has joined the ring of 3D Earth tutorials with the variously titled Advanced 3D Planets / 3D Solar System. He plans to create a to-scale solar system in 3D that you could fly through, so the 3D Earth tutorial is just a small piece of the bigger project, which would also be one of his CustomEffects.

Jonas Hummelstrand (with map and texture links), The Genesis Project with help from Aharon Rabinowitz, and Andrew Kramer also have planet Earth tutorials with projects. Kramer's Video CoPilot has a variety of planet and related tutorials with projects. Earth zooms are also popular and tutorials are provided by Video CoPilot and Digital Arts.

There are many more of these sorts of tutorials, even by NASA using their own images, and some for Google Earth Pro.

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