April 8, 2008

SF Cutters to host NAB Wrapup Panel

SF Cutters to host an NAB Wrapup Panel
Thursday, April 24, 2008 6:30 pm PT - 10:00 pm PT
at Adobe in San Francisco

Guests to include:

Alex Lindsay of Pixelcorps and dvGarage, and producer of some of the most successful podcasts around -- MacBreak, TWIT, Inside the Black Box, etc...
Adam Wilt returns to share his insights and comparisons of his journey thru the halls of NAB.
Kevan O'Brien of Adobe Systems will address Adobe innovations.
Philip Hodgetts will be moderating the panel and engaging us with new developments in KlickTab.

Plus, Todd Prives, Product Manager of GenArts, will present the Sapphire FxPlugs for Motion and Final Cut Pro.

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