April 24, 2008

AE tutorials from Artbeats & Maltaannon

Author Angie Taylor is back with After Effects tutorials that you can subscribe to via RSS feed on Blip.tv or Adobe Media Player. Below is "Blooming Marvellous." You can order the full tutorial on DVD from Artbeats (which has tutorials by others too); when registering check the box that reads "I want the Artbeats Resource Disc."

Update: Artbeats has expanded from the PDF tutorials by Chris and Trish Meyer, with video tutorials from the DVD, which include ones by Brian Maffitt and Aharon Rabinowitz.

Update 2: Maltaannon posted "Flashlight Titles," a downloadable tutorial which uses Trapcode Lux, Shine, Starglow, and his CE PixelSampler to create a title sequence.

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