April 8, 2008

Adobe TV launches with Media Player

Adobe TV launches with Adobe Media Player today. Adobe TV rounds up various blog and marketing content with the stuff from the Adobe Video Workshop.

Adobe Media Player is limited in UI and ability compared to some Flash-based players or other technologies like the K-Multimedia Player or QuickTime, but Adobe is trying out revenue sharing, ad support, DRM, usage data etc. As discussed in previous posts, most of the features are for back-end developers, but there is a partnership with Blip.TV that provides an easy way to generate a custom channel with a MRSS feed. Also, there's already a code-oriented feed tutorial shown by Tiago.

There should be much more on this soon from the usual suspects; for now Deeje Cooley has a summary in Internet TV: Redefining "Media Player".

Update: Beet.Tv has an interview in which "Adobe's Kevin Towes explains about file size, bit and byte rates of Flash files and how the new application provides a means to download and save large files. For an in depth review of AMP, check out this post by Michael Calore in Wired."

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