April 9, 2008

AE Camera Basics

There are at least a few free video tutorials that show you the basics of using the 3D camera in After Effects. Here's a couple:

The Fox Classics Promo tutorial by John Dickinson.

Be A Good Parent To A Camera by Alan Shisko.

Working with Null Objects in AE by Aharon Rabinowitz.

Andrew Kramer has one too, somewhere...maybe iTunes.

Articles by Trish & Chris Meyer -- Camera Control, Part 1: Auto-Orient & Orbit and Camera Control, Part 2: Graph Editor & Dolly Rigs; plus a video, After Effects Apprentice Video Tutorial #7: Manipulating 3D cameras as well as views.

Even more 3D basics can be found at 3D made easy in After Effects CS3 by Steve Whatley, AE LiveDocs and the After Effects Design Center.

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