April 23, 2008

SF Cutters NAB Wrapup Panel, April 24

The next meeting is the NAB Wrap-up Panel, on April 24, 6:30 - 10:00 pm at Adobe in San Francisco. Pre-paid tickets are required and available online.

Guests to include:
Alex Lindsay of Pixelcorps and dvGarage, and producer of some of the most successful podcasts around -- MacBreak, TWIT, Inside the Black Box, etc...
Adam Wilt returns to share his insights and comparisons of his journey thru the halls of NAB.
Kevan O'Brien of Adobe Systems will address Adobe innovations.
Philip Hodgetts will be moderating the panel and engaging us with new developments in KlickTab.

Plus, Todd Prives, product manager at GenArts, will present the Sapphire FxPlugs for Motion and Final Cut Pro. Paul Kalbach will do a short demo on Mini Lite Panels, and there may be a visit from BlackMagic Design. Plus, Nanette Rosen will do a presentation on acquiring great on-location audio and her favorite inexpensive or free audio editing software.

Here's a glimpse at future meetings:

May 29
• Steve Martin of Rippletraining (You can see Steve on a recent episode of MacBreak Studio: http://www.pixelcorps.tv/macbreak131)
• Wes Plate of Automatic Duck
• Vickie deMay new SCI FI Feature

June 26
• Tom Wolsky of SouthCoast Productions, ClassonDemand and National Podcasting System…
• Gary Coates Color Grader:
• Jay Boekelheide filmmaker "Valley of the Heart's Delight"
• Kevin O'Brien editor of this years Oscar winning short film "Peter and the Wolf"

July 31
•Dr. Sassi will demo C4D and FCP workflow.

Aug 28
• Eric Escobar - filmaker
• Larry Jordan - FCP guru

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