September 3, 2007

BlipBack video comment widget

Mashable has a story on BlipBack, a new video comment widget that lets you or your visitors record short video comments directly to your web page. Blipback also can receive video messages from cell phones, "so if you have a video enabled phone you can post directly to your widget while out and about or hand out the address to your friends and family and they can post to your page while they are out."

I can imagine several services for post production with modifications to services like this, or improvements to various review and approval solutions and planning systems like CeltX. A small market, high cost, and upload bandwidth are obstacles though. Then again since there are at least 9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Network each freelancer can tailor a network space to a range of purposes. Live video is easier now to implement and should soon be part of the mix.

Adobe's Bridge Home and purchase of Scene7 signals the importance of services. That's not quite as big as Google and Microsoft infrastructure-building moves but still interesting, and we have to wait a bit more before Adobe Media Player features and other services are announced.

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