September 27, 2007

Big wheel turn by the grace of God

Truthdig notes Navy to Obscure Giant Swastika:

"The Navy plans to spend $600,000 to obscure a San Diego-area building complex that happens to be shaped like a swastika. The buildings have been around since the 1960s and for years no one seemed to mind, but that was before the advent of Google Earth."

It's good to remember that the swastika is an ancient symbol not limited to political PR, and one that can abstracted from daily and seasonal positions of The Big Dipper in relation to the Pole Star, as explained in books like The Friendly Stars (p.24), Star-names and their meanings, and Star Lore of All Ages.

You can find more in the article Big Dipper and the Swastika. 'The Wheel' reference is because I'm a sucker for the pedal steel guitar.

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