September 18, 2007

AE Primitive with Invigorator

Many are familiar with Zaxwerks Invigorator from previous bundles with AE, but like me might lose touch with the latest features in what Zax calls Invigorator Pro.

Invigorator Pro will give you the basic primitives, which are comp camera and comp light aware, and can import 3D models from 3d programs. You can also get visible 3D paths, function curve control, animation assistants and even expression-based control over 3D animations. Warping is done in a separate filter, 3D Warp. Intersections and other AE-specific features might have to wait for the AE team.

The Zaxwerks blog features a number of links tutorials by John Dickinson and Alan Shisko. Here's Zax's rundown of the newer features:
3D Text Creation
3D Primitives
New Import/Export Format
Motion Blur
Tracking AE's 3D Objects
Layer Map Animation
Highlight Mapping

Render Farming
Wireframe and Hidden Line Rendering
Cartoon Coloring
Absolute Coloring
Matte Coloring
Shadow Catcher Rendering
New Swatch Handling

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