June 21, 2007

Online players again

As previously covered, Innovation in web video players continues. Now, NewTeeVee shows AppleTV in action updating to YouTube in Apple TV Now Playing YouTube: Hands-On Video.

Meanwhile, Veoh is further refining their content delivery system. Again NewTeeVee has the summary in Veoh To Launch ‘VeohTV,’ Take on Joost. Veoh has a ton of content because it leverages other services, like YouTube, too. But they also let you publish across services and track usage.

Veoh's new player (hard to find demo here) competes with several players including, Adobe Media Player, previewed here earlier but again below (works in Firefox XP).

AMP will feature RSS feeds, custom channel branding, interactive real-time advertising overlays (NAB video), viewer tracking, custom UI inserts to create custom social networking functions among other things. Not shown is the player controls, which hopefully will be more like QuickTime than WiMP.

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