June 30, 2007

iPhone no Flash

Not a complete surprise but the iPhone will not render Flash on it's Safari browser, according to Adobe developer relations for mobile and devices. Flash must not be as good as Quicktime!

Update: I should leave it to the experts...it looks like Apple might be adding Flash to the iPhone according to the WSJ; see Next iPhone generation will support Flash.

There's also plenty of other developments, like the free iPhoneDevCamp held at Adobe in San Francisco the weekend of July 6, Apple on Optimizing Web Applications and Content for iPhone,and The AIR iPhone an AIR application that possibly could be ported to FlashLite to work on cheap handsets.


Joshua said...

must not be as good? wt...?

Rich said...

I shouldn't expect a "not invented here" mentality to remain forever. Perhaps I was disappointed that the interactive experiments on the QuickTime 1.0 developer disc never went anywhere.