June 21, 2007

Feed your head

It's not big news that online video is growing in popularity or that most popular online videos are not inspired (see the sample by The Internet TV Charts). But help is on the way, and not just enlightened awareness through iTunes.

Brian Chin mentioned WSJ columnist Lee Gomes who "lists a number of sites that specialize in 'edifying video,' including Fora.TV ('the go-to site for speeches, panel discussions, symposiums and the like'), ResearchChannel.org, The University Channel and, of course, good old PBS."

WatchingTV Online builds on Gomes a bit more, adding "Research-TV.com, TotalVid.com, EnergyPolicyTV.com, UVu.Channel2.org, TED conferences, inspired talks by the world's greatest thinkers and doers and close to home, the presentations from the LIFT conference - where new technologies and their impact on our society are promoted and discussed."

Update: I should add ScribeMedia, which "travels the country to capture and deliver speeches, lectures, roundtables and interviews of thoughtleaders across a broad range of subject areas that includes current events, technology, media, business, healthcare and the arts."

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