June 12, 2007

Puppet Masters...to ship soon

No it's not the Donald Sutherland movie in which the President receives instructions from implants. No, two tutorials showed up on the new Puppet Tool in AE 8 (CS3).

Bob Donlon shows how he animated a bird extracted from a still in Photo 2 Life. He might have used new tools in Photoshop: see Russell Brown's tips on the new Quick Select, Refine Edge, and Clone Source features. Bob also dropped the news that the PuppetTool will ship in a few weeks, which seemed likely now that you can order the Adobe Master Collection.

Also, in a guerilla tutorial on Youtube, M dot Strange (featured on KQED's Spark after his Sundance success) proclaims: Puppet Tool in Adobe After Effects CS3: Best thing eveR. An interesting comment on the Strange blog pointed to earlier work on shape manipulation (see the worm animation above).

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