June 27, 2007

Killer Schedules

Flowseeker reports on an FxGuide article and podcast, Killer Schedules: Behind that Variety Story, that discusses last month's Variety article Blockbusters take toll on f/x shops. Flowseeker also says that "there will also be a follow-up interview with John Knoll and Dennis Muren on the nascent fxguide.tv."

In February, SF Bay Guardian printed a related article on labor practices at The Orphanage, which is based on federal land in The Presidio: "The Wild, Wild West...Pelosi's legacy: private business at the Presidio may be exempt from all state and local labor laws."

BTW, Fxguidetv #001 (QT) features 'Spider-Man 3' and a look at shape layers in After Effects CS3.

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