July 2, 2007

AE 8.0 is shipping

Michael Coleman, Product Manager for After Effects, announced that
AE CS3 and Creative Suite 3 Production Premiium is now shipping!

new features in CS3 include:

* Shape Layers
* Puppet tool
* Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended integration
* Adobe Flash CS3 Professional integration
* Per-character 3D text animation
* Brainstorm
* Complete color management workflow
* Adobe Clip Notes
* Enhanced performance & multi-core support
* Video for mobile

Check out Mark Christiansen's After Effects CS3: my Top Ten.

Update: Bob Donlon celebrates with some simple AE fireworks done with Particle Systems II.


Michael said...

That's nice. So my hope for an update that fixes the numerous bugs in AE 7 is completely dead…

Rich said...

Maybe you could start a thread on the AE-list to get your pressing concerns addressed in bug fix dot release that usually happens a few months after the main release. It could benefit a lot of people, depending on what's fixed and what's newly broken.