July 20, 2007

Panalog plug-in for AE

HD for Indies reports on a Panalog plug-in for After Effects complete with LUT graphs. Panavision's Genesis, high-end digital movie camera, records in this format (see VFXTalk discusssion, Wikipedia info, Panasonic explanations). The Orphanage apparently converted this format to elin for work on Superman Returns.

Update: Stu Maschwitz posted his logic, a free project (AE/Shake/Nuke), and instructions in his post Panalog:

...it occurred to me that the format is similar enough to Cineon log that one might be able to find settings in a standard log/lin tool that match the Panavision transform.Sure enough, a little playing resulted in about 99% success. I got my Cineon log/lin conversions close enough to be within a 10-bit code value of a match to Panavision’s own LUTs.

The After Effects settings are:

10 Bit Black Point: 0
Internal Black Point: 0.0
10 Bit White Point: 681
Internal White Point: 1.0
Gamma 1.480
Highlight Rolloff: 0

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