May 15, 2007

Adobe Media Player previews

Deeje Cooley and Mike Chambers both have new videos on the upcoming Adobe Media Player (AMP, codenamed Philo), which is not quite yet available on Adobe Labs (unless you're a developer). If you watch on Mike Chamber's, the little button on the right of the timebar lets you watch fullscreen.

Update: AMP's ability to overlay and insert interactive ads seems favored now that marketers are seeing
that the paid video download market is a dead end.

...and earlier from
John Dowdell on comparisons to Joost:

'Anil Gupte has a short post [and more now fixating on Joost -ry] showing some of the differences from other video projects: reliance on live peer-to-peer connection, and fixed schedules of particular centralized content, like cable TV, are some of the key points he mentions. The upcoming Adobe Media Player (FAQ, video) differs in a number of significant ways, including more control for viewers, more control for creators, more choice for advertisers. Both are currently described by the phrase "desktop video player", but I think that as we get closer in we'll see how these basic decisions affect the different ways each initiative can evolve.'

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