May 17, 2007

Paint/Clone on Movies in PS: new AE blog

I still think that video in Photoshop wasn't the best investment Adobe could have made -- why rebuild AE in Photoshop and leave AE's paint, tracking, and masking to languish years behind the features of a long dead app like Commotion (!) -- but what can you do?

Update: I guess I think that Photoshop Extended should really be After Effects. Making Photoshop a paint module window inside AE seems better than rebuilding PS so that it does what AE does.

The good news is there's another AE blog from Adobe, Steve Whatley's After Effects Cookbook, "From beginner to Advanced, I focus on After Effects' 3D side, 3D application integration, 3rd party plug-ins, and Workflow!" Steve's 1st post is Paint/Clone on Movies in Photoshop Tip.

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