May 11, 2007

Free Glow filter training by CyberMotion

Studio Daily and Toolfarm are both selling online AE training modules by well-known After Effects experts Chris and Trish Meyer of CyberMotion that "are designed to jump-start your creativity as well as quickly get you up to speed on important technical aspects of motion graphics and video. These are not just paint-by-numbers recipes; Chris and Trish make sure you have a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts so that you can easily modify the techniques to your own projects."

So far there is a Technical Track (Understanding Fields & Interlacing, Working With 3:2 Pulldown) and a Motion Graphics Project Studio track (Learning the Glow Plug-in, Creating that "Instant Sex" Look with composite modes, Lighting Tricks, Hot Looks Using Floating Point). The 2 movies on the Glow filter are free.

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