May 2, 2007

Could Digg Revolt Come to Video Sites?

NewTeeVee reports on the Digg user revolt against HD-DVD copy protection censors: "unhappy with the company’s compliance with a DMCA takedown request on the codes to break HD-DVD encryption, flooded and overwhelmed the social news site with stories containing the code, until its front page was filled entirely with references to the hack (visualization embedded below). Digg, whose premise is based on not controlling what happens on its site, capitulated last night..."

There's a Digg Swarm video of user activity as seen live from Digg Labs according to lorien1973: "In the first part of the video, the big dots are stories being submitted. The yellow dots that attach to them are people "digging" the stories. You can see the diggers disappear along with the stories as Digg deletes them."

Update: the latest on this item is available on Wired's Epicenter.

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