August 27, 2010

TV Distortion Bundle: déjà vu all over again

AE Scripts is offering 40%-off a trio of After Effects filters in the new TV Distortion Bundle. Satya Meka's 3 TV distortion plug-ins include: Data Glitch, Bad TV, and Separate RGB. These filters may not create a disturbance in the force or a glitch in the matrix, but they'll help you to create analog TV distortion with control over vertical, horizontal syncs and scanline distortion; VCR, DV Tape and audio reactive image glitch effects; and compression artifacts.

There's much more in the product pages that you might check out, even if you already have the Boris, Digieffects, or Sapphire bundles. Of course you can do this stuff already in After Effects, but with far less ease, for example leveraging the built-in Bad TV Animation Presets. Other approaches for similar results were discussed in previous posts like Bad TV: new Pixel Bender + others and Chromatic aberrations, seperating RGB.

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