August 23, 2010

Voodoo Camera Tracker: free matchmove alternative with AE

In Free 3D Matchmoving Alternative For After Effects at, Hugo Tromp shows how to use the free Voodoo Camera Tracker (Windows/Linux) in conjunction with After Effects:

"Matchmoving has been discussed a lot these days and it has become accessible for more and more people. With the introduction of programs like Syntheyes, PFTrack, and The Foundry’s CameraTracker plug-in the reconstructing of a 3D camera move has been made easier. A lot of people however are not aware of other solutions that are available, like free software. Voodoo Camera Tracker is one of those pieces of software and today I´ll be showing you how to solve your shot and then create some awesome 3D stuff..."

If you're on the Mac (or Windows), PFhoe is inexpensive ($100) and effective. For a variety of other resources, click the tag tracking; especially useful in this context is Tracking titles in perspective with mocha V2 and roundups by Topher Welsh, 28 Tracking and Matchmoving Tutorials and 26 Tracking and 3D Matchmoving plus After Effects Tutorials.

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