August 11, 2010

Using the toComp expression

via @EdenExposito, Harry Frank has a new tutorial (in QT), Using the toComp Expression, which demonstrates easy-to-use methods on how to use the “toComp” expression with lens flares, light rays, and the Beam filter.

Harry previously mentioned the expression in Harry Frank's 5 Favorite Expressions and in a video tip for making a 3D volumetric light with Trapcode Shine (and probably in his training products).

This layer space transform expression was also popularized by Dan Ebberts in his 3D lens flare case study, by Andrew Kramer in a few tutorials (see Lens Flare on 3D Lights?), and by Chris & Trish Meyer in their series on expressions.

Update: there's also a Vimeo version,

Using the toComp Expression from graymachine on Vimeo.

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