August 24, 2010

Targeted Curve Adjustments from a new series on Photoshop

@Colortrails has a new tutorial series on Photoshop called QuickHits. Below is #2 on Targeted Curve Adjustments; the first was on Perspective cropping. Here's Dan Moughamian's summary of #2 from his website:

"I think possibly my favorite feature / concept in all of Photoshop (and Lightroom / ACR) is the Targeted Adjustment concept, because it is both very accurate and FAST. Much faster than prior methods of working with contrast and color. The ability, whether working with HSL, Curves or Hue & Saturation (and hopefully more features in the future like Shadow and Highlight!) to directly target the tones and colors you want to work on, without any guesswork or re-dos, is extremely useful."

Colortrails QuickHit #2: Targeted Curves Adjustment from Colortrails on Vimeo.

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