January 7, 2008

Edifying web video

The New York Times has an article on two of the investors backing BigThink, a new website currently in its private beta, that offers a certain consensus reality through interviews with thinkers, think-tank reps and other operatives on faith, truth and justice, and policy and politics (via another Scott Kirsner blog, Innovation Economy)

BigThink is the latest in a series of similar startups, as noted in a previous post Feed your head, which include:

Fora.TV (similar range of opinion as BigThink), ResearchChannel.org, The University Channel, PBS, Research-TV.com, TotalVid.com, EnergyPolicyTV.com, UVu.Channel2.org, ScribeMedia, plus the TED and LIFT conferences.

Update: NewTeeVee has additional comments in Two Startups Shoot for the Snobbish Set.

Update 2: Beet.Tv has video in Big Think, the "Intellectual YouTube" backed by ex-Harvard Prez Lawrence Summers, Launches with Style and Starpower.

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