January 4, 2008

MGLA becomes DMA/LA

On the AE-List, Ko Maruyama announced a new name for MGLA, which was run for 10 years by Trish & Chris Meyer. If you want to sample the history of the field, check out Summaries of some of the 125 MGLA meetings.

Now, MGLA has reformed without missing a beat and is named DIGITAL MEDIA ARTISTS / Los Angeles. There's an interim web site mirror, www.mgla2.org, until the site and forums are fully ported over to the new group name. The next meeting is Tuesday, January 15 and features MAXON’s "The Power Integration Tour," a joint road show with Adobe.

This is the only time of the year that being in San Francisco is better than LA for a user group meeting, since SF has a "super secret" presentation by Apple at the Macworld FCPUG Network Supermeet on January 16!

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