January 22, 2008

After Effects CS3 8.02 Update P2 ready

DAV's TechTable reports that the After Effects CS3 8.02 Update (which includes P2 Support) is ready:

"To update, launch any CS3 application and go to the Menu option Help>Updates. The Adobe updater will scan your CS3 apps and start downloading. Once it starts downloading, make sure you close all of your web apps and any open Adobe apps. There are STILL EXPORT ISSUES WITH QUICKTIME 7.4. Hopefully we will see a quick update for QT from Apple as many AE users have been crippled by 7.4.For mac users the 8.02 update includes OSX Leopard support."

This update fixes multiprocessing performance issues and more. To learn more about the 8.02 update, go to the Read Me TechNote.

Also important is an update of AE Help (PDF) and LiveDocs for AE 8. On the AE-List Todd Kopriva, keeper of the docs, urged all to take a survey so Adobe has feedback about how well LiveDocs is working. He continued: "One of the things that we heard from last quarter's survey was that After Effects documentation is incomplete (but accurate, yay!). One very fast way to fill some gaps is to point users to the example projects, tutorials, and other materials that people like you create and publish. Some of you have been adding LiveDocs comments to Help on the Web that point to these great materials. We intend to do much more of this if you tell us that you find it valuable."

Flowseeker notes the updates on Adobe Downloads are ready now, and for QuickTime, 'Watch each card you play and play it slow.'

AE Product Manager Michael Coleman also notes: "We have also posted additional information about how 8.0.2 can help those experiencing certain gamma issues. Lastly, if you use custom interpretation rules, you'll find some important information on our support site."

Update: Capria.TV posted a Working around QT 7.4 After Effects error.

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