January 31, 2008

Vote LiveDocs + Fade with camera distance

Along with AE 8.02 was an update of AE Help (PDF) and LiveDocs for AE 8. On the AE-List Todd Kopriva, keeper of the docs, urged all to take a survey so Adobe has feedback about how well LiveDocs is working. He continued:

"One of the things that we heard from last quarter's survey was that After Effects documentation is incomplete (but accurate, yay!). One very fast way to fill some gaps is to point users to the example projects, tutorials, and other materials that people like you create and publish. Some of you have been adding LiveDocs comments to Help on the Web that point to these great materials. We intend to do much more of this if you tell us that you find it valuable."

A good example of value came in a recent AE-List post from Todd:
If you do decide to fade a layer's opacity based on its distance from the camera, here's a [LiveDocs] link to an expression that does the trick...You can thank Dan Ebberts for that.

Again, here's the survey to give Adobe feedback about how well LiveDocs is working. And an overview of AE scripting and expression resources can be found at AE Scripts Galore.

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