October 7, 2007

Omino after effects suite: free AE filters

QuickTime Music Architecture guru David Van Brink has a small set of free AE filters for OS X called the omino after effects suite. It's available at his site (requires e-mail) and at Adobe's After Effects Exchange.

The filters have limitations of having been tested only on a dual g4 with AE 7.0 and renders only at 8-bits per channel.

Update: as noted in comments, David Van Brink says the plug-ins work in AE 7.0 on Mac-Intel.

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polycube said...


Thanks for info distro. I finally entered the Age of Intel, and can confirm that the Omino AE Suite plugins work on After Effects 7.0 on an Intel quad core. (Still need to test them against AE CS3, when it arrives.)

Cheers --> dvb