October 20, 2007

Color podcast

Flippant News notes Studio006, a nice FCP Color Podcast (series), as Studio Daily complains Again with the Color, PrepShootPost asks former Apple mates Would Someone Please Make Color Work (for features), and others ask FCS 2-Ready for Prime Time?

It looks like Magic Bullet was timed about right.

Update: Previous posts show other resources for Color. Online forums can be found for Color at Apple's Color Forum, The Color List, Creative Cow, 2-Pop, etc.

Experiences with Color are varied. Jason Mitchell shared his experience on SF Cutters:

"Just colored a narrative feature in Color using DVCProHD 1080i24p shot on the HVX200. It dealt with the material wonderfully well. I prepped it to output 1080p24 ProResHQ for the render (floating point) and the results were awesome.

I do know that Color doesn't like interlaced footage, but I had conformed the material into 24p before sending the projects to color (had to break it up into reels).

Read the instructions closely and it won't give you any trouble. Mainly, pre-render into their own movies all still images, speed changes and nested FX sequences. Move everything down onto one track (or as few as possible). Cut it into 20-minutes sections (or less if your sound mixer desires)."

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