October 4, 2007

new Creating Motion Graphics in November

The latest version of Creating Motion Graphics for After Effects (4(th Edition) by Trish & Chris Meyer will be available in early November. It's available for preorder through visit their site, where a table of contents and a few chapter excerpts (like Shapes) are available in PDF.

Trish notes, "If you are new to AE, then I'd recommend you get started with After Effects Apprentice. It's geared to a new user with a tutorial-style feel.

CMG4 is designed as more of a reference guide; good for more experienced users to have on the shelf when you are using a feature you're not used to using. You can of course read it from start to finish, and many do, but there are a lot more words and lots more details as it's geared to someone who is using AE all day for a

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