October 19, 2007

More AE video tutorials

These AE video tutorials have been released around the web this week:
Painting and masking in After Effects by Chad Perkins
Creating an animated DVD menu transition with Encore and After EffectsMagic Glass from Andrew Kramer

Many recent tutorials can be found at the Adobe Design Center, which features this picture that reminds me the various 3D and installation stuff in Urban Calligraphy and Beyond, which for me is 2nd only to Broken Windows in graffiti books.

By the way, "light graffiti," also featured in Urban Calligraphy and Beyond, got way more popular since PIPS:lab debuted in the late '90s or so. Recent articles include MAKE: Blog: Light graffiti, Painting with Light, Interview with LICHTFAKTOR: Light Graffiti Artists, Architectural Light Graffiti: Projection Bombing Images on Urban Surfaces.

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