October 16, 2007

Apple Feedback/Bug Reports

As reported on Final Cut-L, you can report problems to Apple at: http://www.apple.com/feedback/

But the official portal for reporting bugs, like the render problem or Media Manager issues in Final Cut 6, is here: http://bugreporter. apple.com

Apple engineers are required to read the official reports, which require registering for a free developers account. Darrin Cardani explains further:

'As Philip mentioned, we don't work on any bug that's not in our bug database, even if lots of people are discussing it on forums. I don't know of any other developers in our group who read the various internet user forums regularly, though I think a few do. So it's entirely possible that nobody at Apple has any idea there's a problem.
In addition, you need to supply as detailed a description of what you're doing when the render gets lost as possible, and what exactly you mean by lost. Just saying, "Final Cut Pro is losing renders" is almost useless in a bug report because we can't tell if it's happening because the user is doing something to cause it to happen, or because of an actual bug. So we'll need very detailed steps to reproduce the problem.'

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