April 26, 2007

Real 3D, an AE filter

Toolfarm noted a new AE filter from Avidion Media: Real 3D. It's Windows only for now, though the same company's filter Synchronize, which allows you to "synchronize your audio with any aspect of...your project," has a free beta of the Mac version. I'm not sure how it's different from SoundKeys or AE's built-in ability.

Real 3D seems to have been secret since 2-26-07 until it appeared on Download.com and Toolfarm. It "allows you to bend, twist, and shatter your layers in 3D space as well as render them as a grid, surface, spheres, or solids. Also, by using Real3D's unique layer driver, you can simulate other effects within 3D space, including flags and newsprint effects.Features: Bend, twist, and shatter your AE layers, fully integrates into you AE environment including cameras and lighting, supports depth of field and motion blur, fog and material options give even more realism to your AE compositions, and use of Real3D's layer driver allows you to create newsprint effects and 3D flags as well as a variety of other looks." There's web movies explaining some of these features, including basics and volumetric lighting. Toolfarm has additional video examples that are interesting.


David said...

Happened to stumble on to your blog. Just wanted to let you know its made for mac too now!

Rich said...

Thanks. I posted an update here and at the AE filter summary too: